A family update.

Judah is now 15 months old! Walks, runs, dances, climbs, and gets lots of bumps and bruises. He loves playing outside. Digging in the dirt and collecting rocks are huge fun!. He is a talker. Hi, cracker, dada, wow, and UT OH are his faves. He very much enjoys telling us no by shaking his head. He calls pretty much everyone dada. Even his mama. He smiles and laughs a lot. Being around people, especially little people is fun for him. Judah is a vibrant boy!

On to Justin. BUSY! I am so proud of Justin. He works a full-time job (which is sometimes over full) and goes to Graduate School full-time at the U. He works so hard to provide for our family. In his limited free time he plays soccer, takes Judah swimming, and plays with all his techy stuff. We have been riding our bikes a lot with Judah in tow. We all love it! Justin is a great dada! He spends lots of time with Judah doing boy things. They love to rough house.

Me, well, I’m busy too! I have the pleasure of spending my days with the vibrant and defiant Judah! Most days we have fun. We go to the park, the beach, or the zoo. Other days are harder and we stay home. I work some weekends. It’s a nice reminder that I am still a part of the adult world. I’ve started blogging (as you know) and I really enjoy it!

Life as Justin and I knew it two years ago is a fond memory. Life now is an adventure! Every day we are faced with many triumphs and failures. We are still figuring out this parenting thing. Just when we think we’ve hit it out of the park, Judah throws us a curve ball. We love being a family! We are amazed on a daily basis that the defiant child running around the house in his diaper is ours. Truly words cannot accurately describe how being a family feels. As I already said, WE LOVE IT!


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