The Latest…

Life is wonderful!

Judah is 17 months going on 4 years. Geesh! The boy is B-U-S-Y! He is literally always running. Run, run, run! His vocabulary has expanded. He’s added mom, mommy, NO, no way, my (mine), hot, and signing please. When ever he wants something, which is quite often, he signs please. It’s more like a dance than the actual formal please sign. We just have to laugh when he does it. He’s quite enthusiastic! Judah has become a dancing machine. We will be walking down the street and he’ll hear music as a car passes, so he stops and dances. A boy after my own heart! He’s loving playing ball. Any type. Our neighbors, Jacob (8) and Joshua (6) are great with Judah. They teach him all sorts of things. Good and bad. Ugh! They attempt to play lots of baseball and Judah adores them!

My main squeeze is taking one Summer course. Which is grrrrrreat! Less stress and more Justin! He has a lot going on at work. Let’s just say, the guy never has time to be bored.

The lady of the house,(that’s me if you were wondering) is hanging in there. I will be so happy when Justin is done with school. We have endured some pretty tough times relationally. Nothing we can’t get through. It’s just a time in our life that requires a lot of sacrifice and selflessness. Which doesn’t always come easy. But we praise God that we are even able to do the things we are doing.

Our “little family” is preparing for our first vacation. Ten days together. We will be camping for four days and then lodging for the rest. Our super friends, Brad, Summer, and Canyon will be there as well! This trip has been in the works for a year now and I think we are all MORE THAN READY to get away. I so look forward to just sitting down with my best friend and talking. And having some good wine. To watch our two precious boys run around together. For our husbands to take a load off. To just enjoy life! CAN’T WAIT, CAN’T WAIT!

Ya’all will definitely hear all about it when we return. Or shall I say, read all about it!


One thought on “The Latest…

  1. You definitely are the “lady of the house,” because you are the only estrogen that brings us boys back to Earth.

    Yes, it’s also great for Justin–that’s me–to be home more. (What’s ironic is that I’m writing this comment while in class.)

    Love you, babe.

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