Here we are, February already! Time sure does fly. Life seems to be as busy as ever. Thank God for our vacation.

Judah will turn two on the 23rd. I’m having a hard time believing that my baby boy is TWO! He is turning into such a little man. Justin and I are blown away by the things he says and does. Judah blesses us. Our life have become so rich with love and blessings.

The parasite aka baby is growing and doing well. 31 weeks! Nine weeks to go. Though if this baby is anything like Judah, six weeks to go. This little one is so active. I thought Judah was active in the womb. Geesh! We may just have two very busy children on our hands. Lord give me (us) the energy.

My crazy busy husband is hanging on by a thread. Pray for him. He is in his last quarter at the U and work is really, really busy. He has so little to give when he comes home, but bless his heart, he gives anyway. Oh how I look forward to the end of March. His Master’s will be complete! We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! It will be so nice to actually have time to connect.

I’m starting to get pretty tired. I get frustrated a lot easier. I’m really trying not to take things out on Judah. I constantly remind myself, “he’s two years old, not 3o.” He’s so used to energetic mama, not slow mama. I’m sure he’s frustrated as well. Justin and I are treasuring these last weeks with just Judah. We are also trying to prepare him for the new baby. Though I don’t think we really can. He’s in for a big, BIG life change. It makes me laugh! Well, I guess we are all in for a BIG life change.


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