The End

This week marks the end of Justin’s college days! He will walk the UW Campus for his last class tonight.

I am so proud of you Justin. You are so many things. A great husband, father, provider, friend, professional, and so much more. I (we, Judah will someday thank you) appreciate all of the hard work you have done the last two years. I admire your strength and commitment. Thank you babe!

Way to go Justin! Judah and I love you.


One thought on “The End

  1. Congratulations Justin on a job well done and to your future success!

    Lindsey, thank you and all the wives (including my wife) who have stuck by the side of their mate while they endured furthering their education. It means so much to us, more than you know, to be so understanding, loving, and supportive during the “school” years.

    In gist, congratulations to the both of you for proving that with love, flexibility and support in the mix, one can accomplish anything together!

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