Opinions Please

I would like to know what my peeps out there think.

  • Is this baby a boy or girl?
  • How much will he or she weigh?
  • What day will he or she be born?
  • What should we name him or her?

My guess is a boy. 7lbs and 9oz. 21inches. Born this Saturday, March 29th. Not sure on the name yet. Ugh!


7 thoughts on “Opinions Please

  1. My guesses:

    1. A baby girl with blue eyes and dark hair!
    2. She’ll weigh 7lbs 13oz
    3. She’ll be born Monday, March 31st
    4. If it is a girl…I like the name Jasmine. Oh but wait! That would be two “J’s.” Darn. Ummmm…gotta say I like the earthy names, how about Sage.

  2. Carter was 7lbs 9 oz and 21 lbs so it would be crazy if your newest little family member was the same!!! I am voting for a girl, 6 lbs 15 oz and born March 30th…Blessing and good luck!!!

  3. My guesses:
    1. baby boy
    2. 7 lbs 11oz
    3. Friday, April 4th – Sorry Lins, in my experience second ones are in no hurry to arrive!
    4. Not sure… I had a hard time picking one boy name I really liked, and when the second one came, two was way more challenging, but 3 boy names I like… Not sure. I like Weston (Wes for short), Preston or Cole/Coleman. If I ever decide to have a third and it’s a boy, we might be in trouble! šŸ™‚

  4. Natalie Teabos guess:
    1. Boy
    2. pushing the 8th pound mark
    3. April 11th and a half meaning the 11th at the end of the day-night
    4.Silas or Titus ( cool names, I know:)
    Watch me be dead wrong!

  5. So we are at April 12th I think April 14th Sounds nice. I think it’s a girl. I can see her being named Charlotte or something unique. Even though she has been cooking for a while she will probably only weight a little over 7 lbs. We are praying baby Marshall will hurry up and get here!!

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