The Land of Marsh

Harper had his four month check up this week. He weighed in at 18lbs. 10oz. Big boy for only four months old. He is doing so great! Rolling over, laughing, singing and lots of smiles. Harper loves his big brother. Riding in the car today Harper was looking at Judah and just laughing for no apparent reason. So sweet!

Judah is at such a fun age. He is constantly talking. He speaks so quickly that it’s often hard to know what he is saying. His new favorite thing is Finding Nemo. After watching it, what do think he learned? “Look at me, I’m going to touch the butt!” With lots of laughter following (from Judah and Justin and I). He is still our very active boy. Always going, going, going! Judah is getting really good at soccer and he loves it. It is such a joy to watch him playing at soccer practice. He’s the fastest on his team. Yes, I am a proud mom!

Justin is doing the same old…working! He has been kicking a! Doing some great work and getting recognition. He really deserves the great things that have come his way. He’s such a personable, smart and creative guy! And he’s a great dad! How did I get so lucky? I love him, love him and am so proud of his accomplishments.

Me, me, me! I’m doing well. Finally feel a bit more normal. Life with two little boys has gotten easier. We have a pretty good routine. I love my little family so. I am daily blessed by all three of my boys. Whether it’s a laugh, a hug or a smile. Ah, BLESSED!


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