New happenings in the Marsh home.

Harper is now…

  • eating baby food and o’s
  • hand’s and knee’s crawling
  • standing in his crib
  • trying to pull himself up on objects around the house
  • saying, “mmmama”

Judah is now…

  • saying, “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom”…until i answer
  • pouting
  • loving his little brother and calling him “little fella or little guy”
  • a big helper
  • nearing full on potty training (PLEASE GOD!)

what does this mean for us? an action packed, fun life!


2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Kathryn and I were cracking up at the “little fella or little guy” comment.

    George seems to have mastered “dad” “dadda” and now “no!” Very pronounced and in many ways scary…especially since Kat hasn’t heard “mom” yet.

    Hopefully he doesn’t start calling Kat “little fella.” If so, we have issues.

  2. Wow Harper is a Stud! I won’t tell Carter about him or he might feel like he is falling behind! Carter is trying to crawl so hard. I think it will still be a few weeks though.

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