McDonalds or Starbucks?

Driving to West Seattle this morning I saw a new McDonalds billboard.

four bucks is dumb.

Hmmm? Could they mean that star bucks is dumb?

Sorry McDonalds, you can try to make Starbucks look too expensive, but I will pay four bucks there over two bucks with you. I’m not a fan of your food so I’m guessing that I’ll feel the same about your coffee.


One thought on “McDonalds or Starbucks?

  1. I have seen those billboards too and think they are a little ironic…calling something else dumb using an incomplete sentence. Are we being talked down to? I would like to post my own billboard next to it saying something to the effect of “talking good english is dumb” It makes me think that they are saying that those who speak poor english should get their coffee at McDonalds and those who like to use their words properly are Starbucks people. Not the greatest ad campaign as far as I am concerned. Boooo McDonalds

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