tres dias en la ciudad de nueva york

Day three in New York was so great! The weather was sunshine and blue sky. A bit chilly in the shade. We started by getting a quick breakfast at Starbucks. They actually have some pretty low cal, healthy options. Yeah! After we woofed down our food, we hit the subway to downtown. First up, walking the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was exciting. Especially once we saw The Statue of Liberty! It was cool to look back at Manhattan. It’s amazing how much is packed into the island. Next we visited ground zero. I hadn’t thought about the emotions I may feel. The closer we got and the more we replayed our version of that day, I got quite emotional. It didn’t help that a fire truck drove by with the sirens as we walked. Then we checked out Wall Street and The New York Stock Exchange. Cool to see. The Trinity Church on Wall Street is really amazing. In the churchyard sit the roots from a near century old sycamore tree that fell during 911. The Trinity Root. I took a picture of the tree’s story but it’s hard to read in a post so here is the info: Debris from the collapsing World Trade Center towers knocked over and uprooted the tree. Preserved by Steve Tobin. The Trinity Root was installed on the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks. It is a metaphor for our connectedness and our strength.  Lastly, we took another visit to Central Park. This time no rain. It is a beautiful park. So much to see and do!






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