The Kids

It has been awhile since I’ve given a family update. Not much has changed with J and myself. Just busy with all the things it takes to make this move happen. We are heading out to New York this week to apartment and neighborhood hunt.

Judah will turn three this month. Hard to believe. He is quite the little man. Polite, sensitive, stubborn, imaginative and silly (to name a few). Oh! and potty trained! Whoop no more poop (in diapers)! His vocabulary shocks me on a daily basis. I absolutely love communicating with him. He knows how to make me laugh. Like today he asked me, “What’s wrong mom?” I answered,”I’m in a bad mood Judah.” He then replies, “Awe, it’s okay honey.” Bad mood gone! He’s a great big brother. He is really loving that Harper is getting older. They play together and Judah actually shares with him. He often gives Harper things he shouldn’t have. Like half of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Not to worry though, I’m there to take it just before Harper can enjoy a bite.

Harper is soon to turn ten months. He loves to go, go, go! I haven’t met many people who are as determined as this little one. Giving up is not an option in his mind. It’s both wonderful and frustrating. He loves to eat. Yelling in the direction of anyone with food. He loves peas. Makes me wonder if he’s really my son. Bllaaaahhh! He is quite the talker. Mama, daddy, bla-bla (which I think is brother?) and not to forget the growling. Harper is a happy, healthy boy. All 22 pounds of him!


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