check her out

So, I’m at the gym the other day. Riding a stationary bike, which is located behind the treadmill. Naturally I check out the gal walking in front of me. [Come on ladies, we all do it.] I thought, “Hmmm, she has a bigger butt. Not that’s it’s a bad thing. But I bet she doesn’t like it. Just like me, I have no butt (back with a crack) and I wish I had something more to work with.”

These thoughts led to the inception of this post. Why do I always want what I don’t have?

No butt…WANT a butt. No boobs…WANT boobs. Loose skin on my belly…WANT firm. Long hair…WANT short. New fashions…WANT fashion. You get the picture. Not that all of these are wrong wants. I think it’s great that I want to be a “better” me. Wants help me set goals and strive for things. The problem with the want is that I get wrapped up in what I could/should be instead of what I am right now. I forget to appreciate the things that I have and that I am.

Let this serve as a reminder. Whether you have no butt, no boobs, big butt or big boobs. LOVE what you have. And in that love, work toward what you WANT!


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