Staying Evergreen

Months and months of preparation.

Preparing our hearts and minds to be thousands of miles from our family and friends. Possessions sold and given away. A relationship damaged. Trips to find a new home. Renter for our Seattle home found. Moving company informed.

Three weeks before our scheduled move (April 1), Justin returned home from a New York business trip. Bringing back with him not only my favorite chocolate treat, chocolate bouchons, BUT some news. News that had us swimming in emotions.

Justin’s news, “We may not be moving to New York.”

WHAT? Not moving? But we ARE moving. Everything is ready. We’ve told everyone. We’ve rented our home. WE’RE READY! WE’RE GOING! WHAT?

In December when we agreed to move our family to New York, the economy was a bit brighter. In March things weren’t looking as bright. Due to the poor economic climate Justin and I were asked if we would be willing to wait six or seven months and then move to NY. After many conversations, tears (I still get teary watching Ugly Betty) and glimpses into hindsight (thank you God), we are staying in Seattle. Will we move to New York in seven months? Not likely. Am I bummed? A bit. It took me quite some time to jump completely on-board with the move. I looked forward to the adventure but was a bit apprehensive to be that far from my home. After we took the family trip in February, I was still a bit scared, but ready! Ready for our Marshall Family New York adventure! So hearing the news that we weren’t going, in a word, disappointing.

I have learned to never say never. So we’ll see where life has taken us a year from now. Whether the Evergreen State or the Empire State, I’m happy to just be.


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