a question

What do you think of the color pink and boys?

Is it okay for a boy to wear pink? Why/why not?

To like pink?

Do you buy pink clothes, etc. for your boy(s)?

*Please do me a favor and share your thoughts


3 thoughts on “a question

  1. I’ve toggled back and forth between putting CP in pink. I think what it comes down to is the shade and the quantity. If you’re doing a solid polo–shade is most important, then balance it out with the shorts or pants. Brad would wear pink, so why can’t I put CP in the color.
    It’s not something I would put him every day or have a ton of multiple articles in that color for him, just because I like him in green and blue better!
    That’s my take.

  2. Rowan likes pink. He actually loves wearing Bella’s clothes, her nightgowns, and her Huskies cheerleader outfit that he named “Dance Class”. He LOVES that one. Should I be worried?

  3. In the fifties white cords and pink dress shirts were what my older brothers wore. I’ve always enjoyed all the colors and don’t consider myself a wimp. My shirt closet today is full of colors and no white shirts. They say at work that real men wear pink!

    I’d be more worried about the kids that might make a big deal about it. Why the phobia?

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