PETA’s recent attack on our Seattle fishmongers is ridiculous! Really PETA? I’m going to keep tossing the fish in the pan and start tossing PETA a little less respect.

Toss on fishmongers! Toss on!

If you don’t know the story, click here.


2 thoughts on “PETA…PAHLEEEZ

  1. That is ridiculous. I wonder if someone should report me for pounding my chicken breasts flat or stabbing my steak with a fork? Oh yeah. That’s right. We’re not supposed to eat animals. My bad, PETA, my bad.

  2. O-H M-Y G-O-S-H!!!!!!!!!! Those are some seriously bored and mislead [by this I mean severe followers] peeps. I’m just suprised they didn’t do this right on down at the ol’ Pike Place Market…they’re throwing fish there. That might be next. “Don’t give the fish wind-burn.”

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