Potty Talk (help!)

Okay. It’s time to get Judah out of the night pull-ups. I think at four years old we can start tackling the “peeing the bed” issue, right? Mama’s (dads too) I need your advice. Am I starting too soon? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?


2 thoughts on “Potty Talk (help!)

  1. With the girls, I stopped the pull-ups all together when they were staying dry at naps and most nights. I think it confuses them that they have to stay dry in underwear but can pee in pull-ups. Also, getting them up to go potty when you are going to bed sometimes helps if you have a really heavy sleeper.Good Luck! Teagan has started peeing in her pants/the floor, to be funny these days! I don’t think its funny. At all!

  2. Our oldest wears Underjams at night. I was a very heavy sleeper when I was little and had issues with not being able to wake myself up to go. He is a bit concerned, but I am not because I know that he will grow out of it. We have tried to wake him up before we go to bed, but he is such a deep sleeper, it is a no-go. Most mornings he wakes up dry but occasionally when he is really tired, he is wet. I found that pretty much cutting out fluids after dinner with the exception of a small sip of water before bed tends to help too. Hang in there. These days shall pass!

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