dream of simplicity

A little dream of mine.

I want to have a home in the country. With a barn. Chickens. Sheep. Horses. A dog. A garden. A swing beneath a big tree.

I’d like to walk outside and holler to the boys, “time to come inside.” And they would come running in all dirty with big smiles on their faces! Justin and I would sit on a blanket at night looking at the stars. Life would be slow and simple.

When I hear the following verse from a fun song I like, I am reminded of my dream.

“Blow up your TV; throw away your paper,

Go to the country; build you a home.

Plant a little garden; eat a lot of peaches;

Try to find Jesus, on your own.”

-John Prine, “Spanish Pipe Dreams”


One thought on “dream of simplicity

  1. ummm…i think we have the same dream. sometimes i go online and look at land for sale in Idaho, Montana…etc. I want our future kids to climb trees, find caves, love to garden, love to build – i don’t want them becoming mall rats or asking for a lexus for a graduation present. maybe we can build a commune/co-op one day. 🙂

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