Naming a child is such a privilege. Personally, I think (and have thought) of names almost daily in pregnancy. Hearing new names and loving them. Sharing them with Justin and having him shoot them down. And that goes both ways. For some reason we are having a hard time agreeing on a name this time around. So I am asking you for ideas. Both female and male. Let’s hear what you’ve got!!


3 thoughts on “name

  1. Since our baby factory is officially closed for business, someone has to put all of our runner up names to good use! Here they are, in no particular order: Mack, Beck, Claire, Rafe, Rally, Dash, oh and I heard another cute girl name the other day: Eyelie like Kylie. Makes me think of precious white lace with little delicate eyelets….. Can you tell I don’t have any girls?

  2. Favorite girl names: Sadie, Josie, Sullivan

    I don’t have any suggestions for boys…maybe you won’t have to come up with a boy name 🙂

    Marshall is a good last name to pair first names with. How is the pregnancy going! Post pictures!

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