Even with this being my third pregnancy, I am amazed at what my body is doing. I (ME!) am growing another person. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Amazing!

Justin, Judah, and I recently went in for the anatomy ultrasound. Judah was great! He loved seeing baby and had lots of questions. Very special having him there. Baby gave us a nice show. Moving a lot. Playing with her/his fingers and face. Shaking her/his head back and forth. It was my favorite ultrasound of the three. I am very excited to meet this little one!! And yes, we are waiting (AGAIN) until delivery to find out the sex.


3 thoughts on “amazed

  1. Good for you for not finding out the sex of the baby!! I never did either. It’s life’s true surprise. It drives people crazy, huh? As for names (previous post) since I think it’s a girl…I like Josie and Sadie.

    • Thanks Jessie! It truly is the best surprise. Moments I will never forget. My sis (Andrea) is pregnant and having a girl. She may use Josie or some form of the name.

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