What do you drive?

A car shopping we go! [sigh!] We are looking at pretty much every option for a family of five. Every option but the minivan (we did look). So do tell, what do you drive? We’d love some recommendations.



3 thoughts on “What do you drive?

  1. We looked at mini-vans when I was prego with Harper. I cried. Literally. It may have had something to do with having to give up my Volvo wagon, but there was NO way I could do a van. I now drive a Suburban. I know, not very eco-friendly, but with 3 kids, a dog and all our gear, it works. And we have lots of room for friends – I’ve had 6 carseats in it! Good luck and can’t wait to see what you end up with!!

  2. I drive a Prius so I am NO help…BUT…at one point we seriously looked into buying a Subaru Tribeca SUV. Our friends with kids drive: Escalade, Toyota Highlander, Most are quite pumped with the Toyota Sienna, Chevy Traverse [2nd row seating for kiddos], Denali [GMC], and the Honda Odessy. I would say out of all those – the only one with complaints is the Honda – they’ve just had a lot of probelms with it for some reaons. maybe it’s a lemon.

  3. I have a mini van and I like to call it my “sweet ride”. Not the coolest thing in the world, but I have to admit I LOVE IT! Doors open automatically, lots of storage room. Really great if you don’t own a truck b/c it holds almost as much and it’s covered. Good luck!

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