first baby

Five years ago today, I was in labor and delivery working hard at bringing my first baby into the world. I remember the pain, the anticipation, the exhaustion (oh! the exhaustion), and the nerves. But above all, I remember the joy. Hearing Justin through laughter and tears tell me, “it’s a boy!” It’s a moment I will forever cherish. I learned many things about myself that day. The utmost thing being that I am strong. I felt that if I could go through 32 hours of labor (3.5 pushing), I could do anything. And even though I have doubted this along the way, it still holds true. I am a strong little lady and I can do this parenting thing!

Today as I sat at the table and drew pictures with my (near) five-year old, I felt so blessed and proud. Proud of Justin and myself and overwhelmed by the blessing that is our son.

Here is a portrait of pregnant me as seen through the eyes of my boy.


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