One FUN…

Emary is ONE! She is really a beautiful person. Not just her outward appearance, it’s who she is. Watching her grow has been such a blessing. Our family was made complete when she joined us, one year ago.

Happy Birthday Sis! You are SO loved.


A Happy Day

We celebrated Harper’s birthday last weekend. It was a fun day full of good friends, food, and bugs!

As Harper requested, I attempted bug cupcakes.

Goodie bags full of bug catching tools.

Emary and Mimi. Aren’t they cute?

It was a very fun day. I know that Harper had a great time and felt very loved! Thanks to all who joined us.

10 months

Baby E is 10.5 months old. So close to one and so close to walking. The girl is such a joy! She loves to scream and say, “hi!” Daddy is her current favorite person. Which is pretty darn cute! I think we’ll keep her.


Be Mine



gratitude #38

Chocolate and Caramel. Oh how I am thankful!

 and yes, that is the president.