this girl

A baby no more. (sniffle, wipe the tears)

Emary is a fun little gal. She’s super smart and silly! She adores her brothers, Happy (Harper) and Beebah (Judah). Loves to sing, “We-eeeeee, ever!” Can you guess which song that is? She prefers to run and when she does walk it’s on her tip-toes. Likes to scrunch her nose and stick out her tongue. She loves to pick out her own clothes (Lord help me!). A bundle of a blessing this little one is. Beyond love this girl.




One FUN…

Emary is ONE! She is really a beautiful person. Not just her outward appearance, it’s who she is. Watching her grow has been such a blessing. Our family was made complete when she joined us, one year ago.

Happy Birthday Sis! You are SO loved.

10 months

Baby E is 10.5 months old. So close to one and so close to walking. The girl is such a joy! She loves to scream and say, “hi!” Daddy is her current favorite person. Which is pretty darn cute! I think we’ll keep her.


Year of Gratitude

Okay so I am a bit late posting this. Life happens.

One of my hopes for 2012 is to give more energy to the positive and less to the negative. I often get too focused on the things that need fixing. So, for 2012, I have challenged myself to daily gr’atitude’ checks. I am keeping a daily record of all things positive! Many of which I will post here.

Here are a few from the January.

 bundled boy

ingenious lego creations

the cuteness of curiosity


emmy lou

Baby E is growing so fast. I’m enjoying every moment of it. Though I keep telling her to SLOW DOWN!

7 months old


Merry Christmas

wishing you and yours a very happy christmas!


thanks to QUEST and Corey Hage for the photo




4 months

Hard to believe that Emary is already 4 months old. She is such a sweet little person.

-4 month stats-


23.5 inches

rolling over




adores her brothers

loves to sing

She is pretty much ready to change the world! She has definitely changed ours.


Baby E

I was inspired by the light this evening to shoot a couple photos of my girl. Seems I have less and less time to take pictures these days. I need to make time. Sigh!

Emary is growing up! She’s a lovely babe. My heart just bursts for her!