this kid

On a recent boat outing, Justin sent me the following photo. This is just so Jude. I love how adventurous and brave he can be. That saltwater is cold!




Baby E

I was inspired by the light this evening to shoot a couple photos of my girl. Seems I have less and less time to take pictures these days. I need to make time. Sigh!

Emary is growing up! She’s a lovely babe. My heart just bursts for her!

the good life


rain, go away!

I want to see a lot more of this…



for Summer

this song reminds me of so, so many things.



two thumbs up

for the sunshine! we spent the morning and part of the afternoon at alki beach. such a great day! judah actually got knocked over by a wave while he was walking out to get the beach ball. pushed him right under. i don’t think i have ever seen him so scared. it was quite comical for me. emotional for him. we made new friends and collected crab claws. i think this will be a regular outing for us. well, when the sun is shining anyway.