this kid

On a recent boat outing, Justin sent me the following photo. This is just so Jude. I love how adventurous and brave he can be. That saltwater is cold!





Nine years of being married to the most awesome nerd!

Justin, you are the love of my life. I am so proud of the life we have built. We are so very blessed. Thank you.

…Happy Anniversary…

The Family

It has been awhile since my last family update. Here’s the latest and greatest…

I’ll go first. Pregnancy this time around has been amazing. A true blessing. I am now 37.5 weeks! I will admit that this last week has been harder. I am a bit irrational and a lot a bit tired. Baby could be here as soon as today. I am a bit anxious about labor this time around. Not exactly sure why, other than the pain. Very excited to meet this little person. I just assume we will have another beautiful boy! If we have a girl, I will be so amazed.

Justin is doing really well. He recently took on the role of coach for Judah’s tee-ball team. And he’s loving it! Aside from that, he is working hard and is a wonderful husband and father. I have so much admiration for Justin. He works at everything in life with such passion and excellence! I feel so blessed to have him as my husband and friend.

Judah is at such a great age. He amazes us daily with his marvelous mind. School is one of his favorite things right now. Not sure if it’s because of the pretty girls or the boys who love Star Wars. Either way, I am happy he loves school! Baseball is a huge deal right now. I actually never imagined that he would love baseball so much. But he does and he’s good! Harper and Judah are best buds. Judah has such patience and grace for his brother. He sets a wonderful example for Harper to follow (most days).

Harper is totally three. If you have or have had a three-year old, you know what I mean. Oh, patience. He has finally jumped on the potty train! Pooping in the toilet. Yippie!! Still working on the pee-pee. We started him in preschool at the beginning of the month. He isn’t such a fan of mama leaving him but he soon recovers. And has a great time! I must admit, I am loving the three hours to myself! Harper is still our little lover bug. He is full of hugs and snuggles. I hope he never outgrows that. He is the perfect little brother and loves to break Jude’s Lego creations. Oh brothers!

We finally bought a new family mobile. A Chevrolet Traverse. It seems to be a great fit for our soon to be family of five. Family of five, WOW! Awesome!

don’t walk…run!

Friday, while Judah was at his first sleepover, we took Harper out for a special treat! Just Dad, Harper, and Mom. Actually our first time alone with Harper in as long as we can remember. It was great! We went to Molly Moon’s for some ice cream. And OH YUM! So when I say don’t walk…run! I mean it, run to Molly Moon’s and get the coconut chunk ice cream sundae. So delicious. If I could, I would drive there right now for another one. And another. And another.

Side note. It’s not just because I’m pregnant that this was so delicious. Harper and Justin found it to be just as scrumptious!!

first baby

Five years ago today, I was in labor and delivery working hard at bringing my first baby into the world. I remember the pain, the anticipation, the exhaustion (oh! the exhaustion), and the nerves. But above all, I remember the joy. Hearing Justin through laughter and tears tell me, “it’s a boy!” It’s a moment I will forever cherish. I learned many things about myself that day. The utmost thing being that I am strong. I felt that if I could go through 32 hours of labor (3.5 pushing), I could do anything. And even though I have doubted this along the way, it still holds true. I am a strong little lady and I can do this parenting thing!

Today as I sat at the table and drew pictures with my (near) five-year old, I felt so blessed and proud. Proud of Justin and myself and overwhelmed by the blessing that is our son.

Here is a portrait of pregnant me as seen through the eyes of my boy.

to 3 or not to 3?

That has been the question in our home the past six months. Should we stick with two kids or go for a third? When Justin wants a third, I don’t. When I want a third, Justin doesn’t.

So I want to hear from you. All of you out there with three or more kids. Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly on three!!