One FUN…

Emary is ONE! She is really a beautiful person. Not just her outward appearance, it’s who she is. Watching her grow has been such a blessing. Our family was made complete when she joined us, one year ago.

Happy Birthday Sis! You are SO loved.


A Happy Day

We celebrated Harper’s birthday last weekend. It was a fun day full of good friends, food, and bugs!

As Harper requested, I attempted bug cupcakes.

Goodie bags full of bug catching tools.

Emary and Mimi. Aren’t they cute?

It was a very fun day. I know that Harper had a great time and felt very loved! Thanks to all who joined us.


Today is my Juderbug’s 6th Birthday! I keep thinking, “Six, has it been six years already?”

This morning as we made his birthday breakfast, Justin and I remembered the day he was born. We told Judah how we felt when we met him and what the world around him was like. He loves to hear these stories. Though he often has to add in comments about poop or farting.

Judah is a lively, imaginative boy. It is so fun watching him grow and learn. God has truly blessed our family with him.

-on his second ski trip-

A Day of Star Wars

Months before Judah’s birthday we started planning. He is always full of ideas! This year his first request was Star Wars. More specifically, Lego Star Wars. And donuts. Mighty-O Donuts!! Then he added, “everyone who comes to my party has to bring a light saber.” Um, okay. Darth Vader made an appearance at the party and he had light saber in hand! Chewy and a stormtrooper were also there. All of the kids got their picture taken with Darth Vader and went home with Star Wars Lego figures. It was a fun day! Judah loved every minute of it!!

Invites from Ebay

Donuts from Mighty-O. Star Wars figures from Lego.


Yup it’s me, Miss 33! A part of me can’t believe it. 33, really? Not a bad really but a happy and surprised really. I feel like I am in such a great place in life. I am the most comfortable me I have ever been. And it feels so good!

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

On my 33rd Birthday